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Content Development

Content-Based Solutions
ChiroEdge™ is the leader in content-based website development for practicing professionals. Our comprehensive content solutions represent a major departure from traditional design-only web developers and niche marketing “referral hubs.” Our fully customizeable solutions put professional practitioners in full control of all information. Custom configurations are assured through unique, non-templated designs and a fully interactive online editor, allowing for all changes, modifications, and additions to easily be made from a practitioner’s own desktop. Our content can be integrated into a firm’s existing website, or a new site can be developed specifically for the practice.

Our in-house staff of experienced professionals prepares and updates all practice-specific content on a daily basis. Content updates are then automatically fed into your website as your own, integrating seamlessly with prior materials. As a result, your website becomes a resource for clients, referral sources, and those looking for professional services.

With over 70% of Americans now using the internet, a professional web presence has become an expectation. At  ChiroEdge™,  we deliver comprehensive, client-interactive sites that exceed those expectations. Please navigate our site to learn more about what we offer, or you may contact a representative for more information.

Features and Services
Our team of professionals will do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction with our products and services. Among the numerous aspects of our services are the following:

  • provide our extraordinary content, graphics, and features for your site.
  • acquire an internet name for your site (i.e.
  • customize any part of the site per your practice.
  • deploy your site to the internet.
  • update the content within your site on a daily basis with relevant news and other information automatically.
  • provide a quarterly e-Newsletter to your clients' email addresses.
  • provide online client information forms (fill out interrogatories or intake forms online, complete new client questionnaire online, etc.).
  • market your site to all major search engines and other practice building sites as per marketing program consultation.
  • provide web hosting (necessary monthly rental of web space).
  • provide e-mail service for 500 persons (i.e.
  • other features such as videos, audio messages, Q&A forums, personnel photos, directional maps, and many, many more.
  • acquaint you to our online editor which enables you to add, edit, or delete any and all information to your site from your desktop, 24 hours a day.

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