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ChiroEdge - Glossary Of Search Engine Optimization And Ranking Terms
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Search Engine Marketing

What It Means
ChiroEdge's™ guaranteed Top III search engine listing means that your website will appear in the top three results of all of the major search engines for every keyword that you choose, with no limit on the number of keywords. Your website link will be there every time a search is made by a user typing in and searching for the keyword(s) which you believe to be most important to your business. Try getting that kind of target audience with any other form of marketing!

There is no need to change or alter any content of your site in an effort to improve your search engine ranking. Instead, you will rocket to the top every time and stay there for as long as you like. There is no better way to enjoy immediate success from the Internet than this. Top placement occurs within 48 hours in most cases, and includes all of the major search engines, which account for over 90% of Internet traffic. Major Search Engines

What We Do
Once setting up an account, ChiroEdge™ will determine all of the search terms and keywords relevant to your business needs. A "search term" is the exact word or phrase users will type in to find your product or service. For example, if your business supplies nuts, bolts, and screws - your relevant terms may include: "wood screw", "lag bolt", "hex nut", "fastener company", etc. There is no limit to the amount of keywords and phrases we can work with. Most of our clients have between 25 and 250 search terms depending on their industry and market.

ChiroEdge™ monitors the amount of new traffic to your website, and provides detailed monthly reports itemizing every keyword you chose and how many visitors resulted from that keyword. You will know exactly what is working and what is not. Internally, you must prepare for an influx of new leads, and determine how to manage them effectively and efficiently. In the event that your staff is stretched to a maximum, we can temporarily suspend the service. When you feel caught up again, we can automatically turn things back on.

Ultimately, it is our responsibility to manage this program to achieve maximum return on investment for your business. We will take the time to analyze the data relevant to your business on a regular basis making sure your account is consistently achieving goals specific to your business. Our experience has given us a very solid understanding of how to best utilize this program for each business we represent. We are always looking for opportunities to increase our clients' account performance, and will make recommendations based upon our reports and analysis

Once we determine variables ideal for your business, your role is to take care of your customers. We take care of the rest.

How It Works
In contrast to traditional lead generation where you pay regardless of performance, your account is charged only when interested, targeted users click to visit your website. There is no cost if the program is not generating visitors to your website, other than setup charges. You can come up in the #1 position 10 MILLION times and not pay one cent. You only pay if it works, i.e., if a user decides to click through to your site after reading your site's description. Remember, these are people you have CHOSEN to see your listing because you chose the keywords that they are looking for! Due to this pinpoint ability to target potential customers, our clients experience tremendous results at a very reasonable cost.

Your "cost per click" for each search term is how much you will pay when an interested user clicks on your listing to visit your website. If they don't visit your website, you don't pay. The cost per click varies depending on the popularity of the search phrase or keyword. When you select a keyword or phrase to be seen at the top position (which alone costs nothing), the price for that keyword or phrase if clicked-through to your site is determined on the open market. Listings are ranked "highest bid first" - the higher your bid, the higher your rank. For example, if one your terms is "wood screw", and a competitor is currently bidding $0.05 per click for that term, we would have to bid $0.06 to rank above that competitor. This means that you are willing to pay $0.06 for each user that clicks on your listing and visits your website from any of the participating search engines. The minimum bid for any search term is five cents. Bids can be changed in real-time by one cent increments, allowing competition to rank above you by raising their bid above yours and vice-versa. Our function as account managers is to achieve the maximum amount of traffic for the lowest average cost per click.

Because this unique method of lead generation has yet to be embraced by many traditional businesses, there is currently little competition for the top rankings, resulting in affordable bids. In addition, you are able to set a monthly budget, or cap, on the amount of per click charges you can receive. So you can essentially determine that you will buy 2000 visitors to your site every month for a set price. Once your budget is exhausted - if it is exhausted - then your listing simply disappears until the start of the next month. If your budget is not exhausted then your funds roll over to the next month. You have total control of who finds you and how much you pay with this program.

Due to the varying nature of each business, we will be working closely with you to determine your ideal search terms, clickthrough budget, and traffic influx. To optimize these variables we need to work together during the first month or two to ensure that we fully understand the goals of your business.

First, it is important that your search terms only bring potential buyers to your website. This ensures that you only pay for qualified traffic. For example, if you are a chiropractor in Alabama, then you don't need someone in Alaska clicking through to your website. Limiting the keywords based on geography, among other factors, can eliminate wasted charges. We are experts at determining focused, efficient search terms for your listing to appear under.

Second, we need to determine accurate trends of your clickthrough charges on a monthly basis. These trends will allow us to determine a monthly spending budget necessary to maximize your return on investment. This will differ for every client due to the auction/bid system for each search term; the length of your sales cycle; and the profits realized from each new customer. It is our mission to ensure that your new leads will realize a return on investment from this program. Remember, we will know exactly where your leads are coming from and you will know which keywords are paying off, and which ones aren't.

Third, it is important to spread out to as many relevant keywords as possible. Too many people mistakenly focus on a few big keywords, without realizing the values of the less common phrases. Creativity and research is important here. Our experts are able to determine the quantity of searches performed using various keywords on the major search engines. This is invaluable information when developing a pay per click program. Spreading out to multiple keywords bears zero risk - if there are no click-throughs, there is no charge!

Account Management
The auction/bid nature of search term ranking makes it necessary to keep a close eye on your bids. The rank for your listings can be affected on a real-time basis. This is important because new competition may place a higher bid on your search term at any time. Your bid must then be evaluated and changed accordingly. To make informed decisions, your account manager will have multiple tools used to help analyze your account on a regular basis. This includes the use of a state-of-the-art software package that monitors your bids six times daily, making sure you are in proper placement as often as possible.

In reality, the bidding process is very slow moving in almost every industry. Most people simply do not monitor and reposition their accounts very often. Regardless, ChiroEdge™ always monitors every client account and makes sure that your listings stay where you want them. We welcome you to become our next successful client, and we feel confident you will be amazed at the change of your bottom line shortly after starting this program.

Our Fees
ChiroEdge™ does not earn anything on the per click charges you incur. Our professional fees are only for the ongoing management, strategic planning, and consultations regarding your account.

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