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ChiroEdge - Glossary Of Search Engine Optimization And Ranking Terms
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Search Engine Optimization

About Optimization
Search engine optimization is the process by which a website's text, code, and links are orchestrated and manipulated in such a way so as to increase the relevancy of the site to a search engine during the engine's process of retrieving results for a particular search phrase. The goal of optimization is obvious - to make a website come up higher in the search results of major search engines for the keywords that are relevant. The procedure of website optimization ensures that a website has all of the necessary ranking criteria to appeal to the search engines' needs.

Each major search engine has a unique way of determining the websites it displays when delivering search results. The formula, or algorithms used by the various search engines differs, and they are generally well guarded. Some search engines focus on the content or verbiage. Some review META Tags to identify who and what a web site's business is. Most engines use a combination of META Tags, content, link popularity, click popularity and longevity to determine a website's ranking. Despite the apparent mystery involved, our experts are aware of the criteria required to deliver outstanding search results, and are highly adept at manipulating certain variables until the desired results are achieved.

What We Do
ChiroEdge™ offers optimization with GUARANTEED* top ten results in the major search engines for your chosen keywords. Our techniques follow all search engine guidelines to assure our clients get the best possible rankings, without violating any search engine policies that can get you de-listed. We do not use "cloaking," "spamming," "masking," or other similar techniques that many so-called "optimizers" use. These amateur methods ultimately result in being removed from an engine's database completely. We stay away from questionable techniques because we do not need them in order to achieve excellent results for our clients.

Services Included:

  • Keyword consultation session.
  • Keyword optimized page creation and implementation. We analyze the frequency and percentage use of keywords and phrases within your site's content.
  • META Tag analysis and adjustment. This includes page titles, descriptions, and keywords.
  • Web "spider" analysis where we will "see" your page from an engine's perspective to evaluate it's "spiderability."
  • Link analysis and consultation. We will evaluate and recommend a link strategy to improve your link popularity.
  • Monthly RANKING REPORTS to show your standings in major search engines.
  • Weekly search engine monitoring to make sure your website does not get dropped from major search engines.
  • Yahoo Business Express directory submission ($299 cost).
  • Looksmart Directory Paid submission.
  • Paid Inktomi database inclusion ($49 cost).
  • Paid Express AltaVista Submission ($39 cost).
  • Search engine submission to over 1000 search engines, directories, and free link websites, each of which services numerous websites. This provides a total reach of nearly 100,000 web sites. Submission includes: Google, AltaVista, AOL Search, HotBot, Lycos,, MSN Search, Yahoo, Netscape Search, Open Directory (DMOZ), LookSmart, FAST Search,, Ask Jeeves and Teoma.
  • Repeated submission until results are achieved and as necessary thereafter to maintain results.
  • E-marketing consultation and recommendations of other methods for promoting your website.
  • Top 10 results GUARANTEED*.

Optimization Fees
Fees include a one-time initial optimization fee and a performance based monthly fee to maintain rankings. Monthly fees will start only when results are achieved. Fees depend on how competitive your desired keywords are. For an immediate quote, contact us at (800) 618-1294, M-F 8:00am-6:00pm Pacific Time. If you prefer, please complete the form below, and one of our analysts will evaluate your website and get back to you promptly:

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Placement Guarantee*
ChiroEdge™ guarantees most optimization work we perform, and all monthly fees for the maintenance plan are performance based. The scope of the guarantee associated with your campaign will depend on the competitiveness of your keywords and the number of keywords your site is optimized for. We will meet or beat any guarantees offered by a comparable optimization firm.

If we fail to achieve results for you as agreed, you will receive a full and complete refund of all optimization fees paid to ChiroEdge™, minus paid inclusion listings, such as Yahoo's $299.00 directory fee.

You will be paying an amount per top-ten ranking until the maximum monthly fee is reached. If there are no results in top ten, you pay no monthly fees.

*Guarantee - Each optimization client will be given a guarantee on a case-by-case basis. All guarantees will be stated in an agreement signed between the client and ChiroEdge™. ChiroEdge™ does not guarantee any other results other than what is stated in an agreement signed by ChiroEdge™.

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